Motorcycle Oil Change

Motorcycle Lube Express Services – Oil Change

No Appointment Necessary

You don’t own a bike so it can sit in the shop.  When we do a motorcycle oil change or do any services to your motorcycle we will have you riding in no time.  Motorcycle Lube Express powered by Mobil 1 is the only ride in, ride out quick lube oil change service for your motorcycle in South Florida.

Whether you ride a Harley Davidson, a custom Chopper or a Yamaha YZF we have the knowledge, the equipment, and the passion to service your bike while you watch.  Our motorcycle oil changes always includes free safety inspection and check-up and your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

Like Mobil 1™ motor oils, Mobil 1™ motorcycle oils feature advanced synthetic oil technology and offer proven protection and performance.

Mobil 1 Racing™ 4T
Delivers racing performance for on-road, high-performance four-cycle motorcycles
Mobil 1™ V-Twin
Provides outstanding performance and protection for four-cycle, V-Twin engines



We do have OEM and KNN oil filters in stock for Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Ducati, Triumph , Harley Davidson and BMW models.  If there is any special brand of filter you would like us to use in your Motorcycle oil change please let us know and we’ll be happy to provide it for you.

Brands that we service:

Aprilia Motorcycles
Aprilia Dirt Bikes
Aprilia Sportbikes
Aprilia Street Bikes
Aprilia Scooters
BMW Motorcycles
BMW Dirt Bikes
BMW Sportbikes
BMW Street Bikes
Buell Motorcycles
Buell Sportbikes
Buell Street Bikes
Can-Am Motorcycles
Can-Am ATVs
Ducati Motorcycles
Ducati Sportbikes
Ducati Street Bikes
Harley-Davidson Motorcycles
Honda Motorcycles
Honda ATV
Honda Dirt Bikes
Honda Cruisers
Honda Sportbikes
Honda Street Bikes
Honda Scooters
Husaberg Motorcycles<
Husqvarna Motorcycles
Indian Motorcycles
Kawasaki Motorcycles
Kawasaki ATV
Kawasaki Cruisers
Kawasaki Dirt Bikes
Kawasaki Sportbikes
Kawasaki Street Bikes
KTM Motorcycles
KTM Dirt Bikes
KTM Sportbikes
KTM Street Bikes
Kymco Motorcycles
Kymco Scooters
Moto Guzzi Motorcycles
MV Agusta Motorcycles
Polaris ATVs
Piaggio Scooters
Suzuki Motorcycles
Suzuki ATV
Suzuki Cruisers
Suzuki Dirt Bikes
Suzuki Sportbikes
Suzuki Street Bikes
Suzuki Scooters
Triumph Motorcycles
Triumph Cruisers
Triumph Sportbikes
Triumph Street Bikes
Vespa Scooters
Victory Motorcycles
Yamaha Motorcycles
Yamaha ATV
Yamaha Cruisers
Yamaha Dirt Bikes
Yamaha Sportbikes
Yamaha Street Bikes
Yamaha Scooters