Radiator Flushes

Anti-freeze/Coolant lowers the freezing point and raises the boiling point of water. It circulates through the engine absorbing the excess heat, preventing rust/corrosion from forming on internal parts and lubricates the water pump. If anti-freeze/coolant is not replaced, rust will corrode the metal parts of the cooling system and lead to expensive repairs to the radiator and the water pump. In other words, changing your anti-freeze/coolant at the correct interval is a good investment.

Our Radiator Flush Includes: *

  • Should be serviced according to manufacturer’s recommended mileage interval
  • Existing fluid, dirt and contaminants are evacuated from your cooling system
  • Your cooling system is refilled with the required 50/50 mix of premium anti-freeze and water
  • All anti-freeze meets or exceeds your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations and is always disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner

* Some cooling systems require a specialized anti-freeze. There is an extra charge for the use of any specialty anti-freeze.